The House on Punchbowl Hill

Established 2001

Punchbowl Hill

The cooling breath of a tradewind breeze...

Hibiscus flower in the moonlight...

The golden light of the setting tropical sun...

The Charlie Chan Family Home

The cooling caress of a tradewind breeze, carrying with it the subtle perfume of plumeria, gently sways the palms and rustles the glistening leaves of the algaroba trees that shade the house nestled on the upper slope of Punchbowl Hill above the bustling tropical city of Honolulu.  This house, now a virtual  museum, has been a home to the Chan family for decades.  So, please dear visitor, accept an unworthy yet heartfelt welcome to you, our honored guest!

Each room of this venerable old home will hopefully offer an opportunity to learn a few new facts about the life and work of illustrious detective and family patriarch Charlie Chan.

"Charlie Chan" ("Chan Cha-Li")

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OUR WEEKLY CHAT/FILM VIEWING (Charlie Chan Film Tour 2019!):

Monday, December 9

Please consider accepting this humbly offered invitation to join with us as we continue our 2019 tour through the Charlie Chan film series with a viewing of The Feathered Serpent.  We will be watching our feature film together through the magic of synchronized video players or from online versions via YouTube, etc.!  We begin our evenings at 7:30 p.m. Eastern Time, with arrivals and greetings.  First, we enjoy a short "extra" together, and then, at precisely 8:15, we start our synchronized playing our personal copies of our feature for that night!

If you do not have access to a copy of our featured presentation (please note: a good number of Charlie Chan movies, and others, are available via the Internet at such sites as YouTube, dailymotion, and retrovisionmedia), please join with us anyway!  Our conversation wanders from the picture at hand to most any subject relating to Charlie Chan, and you will be included in all of the fun!  Need it be said that ALL are most welcome, especially "first-timers"?

So, we hope to see you in our Chat Room this Monday evening, as there is always a chair awaiting you, our honored guest...



From the Amazon description:

A key early work from the creator of the long-running detective series Kerry Drake presented in a format that is as close as one can get to experiencing it as a daily comic.

As a famed hero of the mystery novels by Earl Derr Biggers, Inspector Charlie Chan reached even greater heights in a series of popular movies. As actor Sidney Toler was preparing to replace Warner Oland as the wily police detective in 1938, Alfred Andriola was tapped to create a newspaper strip version of the character. Andriola was secretary to Milton (Terry and the Pirates) Caniff and Chan would be his first cartooning effort, but with some friends in Caniff's orbit, Andriola succeeded in producing what The World Encyclopedia of Comics says is "among the best comic strips in the 'Caniff school.'" 

The pride of the Honolulu Police Department uses his intellect more than his fists to solve cases of international intrigue, and the syndicate's initial promotion called Charlie Chan "A new mystery strip, totally devoid of guns and gangsters" to separate it from Dick Tracy and his many hard-boiled imitators. Not that the strip is devoid of action and romance--Chan's tall, handsome assistant, Kirk Barrow, shoulders those "difficult" burdens with aplomb. Featuring the first complete year of daily strips, from October 1938 to November 1939, this volume of LOAC Essentials offers readers exciting adventures, snappy dialogue, and arresting art, making it a fascinating complement to Caniff's own efforts on Terry and the Pirates during this period.

PRICE: $29.99 at


Our CHARLIE CHAN FAMILY HOME 2018 NEWSLETTER is still available!

This annual, the work of a number of Charlie Chan Family members, masterfully compiled, edited, and published by Lou Armagno, aka, HonoluLou, is now ready for sharing!  Please use this link to access this inaugural issue.



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ThisTV, available on many cable networks as well as via local broadcast in some regions, is one reliable outlet for occasional showings of Charlie Chan!   Other good possibilies are MeTV, Antenna TV, COZI TV, and Movies! TV Network (which has recently aired Chan films!).  Please monitor your local listings regularly for information, and feel free to request Charlie Chan at their Web site.
Also, please take a moment to suggest a Charlie Chan movie be shown on TCM (Turner Classic Movies), and, in fact, please do so with regularity!  You may suggest a specific film, or you may also suggest "Any Charlie Chan movie."  Together we have made a difference...  Also, please let us know if you discover a listing for a showing of a Charlie Chan film either locally or nationally!


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